YouTube is not a destination hub for video content, but also after googling most visited site. This social media platform was already seeing rapid growth just one year after its launch. By 2006 July, ths platform was accounting for 65% of all online views for videos. So that is why it is crucial to understand and know about the statistics of YouTube, especially the usage data and user demographics. Check out these useful 40 stats to increase your power of 2020 marketing strategy. Understanding the statistics and demographics of the YouTube will give you the best understanding of the platform’s potential to reach your target audience. Find out how great of an impact just YouTube can have on the online activity of people:

  • There are two billion unique users on YouTube now, every month, a five percent increase from the previously submitted numbers in the year 2018. This makes the platform as one of the biggest social media platforms.
  • This platform reaches the U.S. consumers between the ages of 18 and 49, then also all the cable television networks combined.
  • YouTube is the second preferred platform on television screens among 34 – 12 years old for viewing videos after the Netflix platform then more YouTube likes and become viral among others.
  • YouTube is a great platform for reaching young adult audiences and teenage audiences, and 80% of the users on the internet aged between 15 years old to 25 years old are using YouTube.
  • YouTube is popular across other groups of aged people also. 
  • The social media platform grabbed the reach globally as users can access this platform in 80 various kinds of languages. Even also, the platform has launched even in the local versions of the platform in hundred-plus countries.
  • YouTube is an excellent platform for if you are looking for only marketing your business on the national level because its largest base audience is the U.S.; according to Alexa’s report, 15% of its traffic of the site, which comes from the U.S.
  • The statistics of YouTube suggest that watching YouTube videos on television screens is becoming increasingly popular. Users were watched over 200 million hours of YouTube videos on television screens. 
  • The YouTube users are engaged highly, watching every day an average of 1 billion hours of videos.
  • More than five hundred hours of video were uploaded on YouTube every minute. In other words, thirty thousand hours of new video content are uploaded every minute.
  • The minimum users spend about 11:51 minutes on YouTube every day and 1.740 pages views, suggesting great activity levels.
  • According to the statistics of YouTube videos, most of the viewers love music videos. In fact, viewers also make up the majority of the top 25 most viewed YouTube videos. And on the top of the list, “Despacito” was placed with 6.6 billion views.
  • Do not worry. Content creators and marketers can create tons of popular other video content types besides music videos. Vlogs, how-to, and product reviews are among the top 3 types of more views getting videos.