One of the famous social media channels for influencers, brands as well as brands. As well as everyone. In the US, 37% of adults use Instagram platforms, according to a Pew Research Center report. With 63% of the adults using the social media platform daily. You may not know all the tips and tricks on Instagram, although you use Instagram. If you started using the platform recently or wish to grow your Instagram experience, there are some lesser-known tricks, tips, setting options, and search options.

Ensure that you are using the latest Instagram version on iOS or Android before you post your content. Check if there is any update for the platform on App Store or Play Store; if it is there, install it.


The first trick on Instagram is font customization, and this will help your Instagram profile that stands out among your competitors. Writing cool fonts on bio for the profile is impossible, usually on the Instagram platform. The trick is to use a 3rd party service to convert your everyday texts into excellent text by using some best fonts. Let us see how to do :

  • On your mobile, open any one of the given services.
  • Inside the text box, type your bio for your Instagram profile
  • Select Copy option after tapping on one of the produced texts 
  • Open Instagram platform, and then click on the profile icon and then choose Edit profile
  • For the field “Bio,” paste the content you have already copied and save it finally.

An important feature that Instagram misses that option is scheduling the posts and content for the future. This option is beneficial for influencers and businesses who frequently post the content to drive more user engagement rates.


Explore Facebook pages will help an individual profile or your business profile gain better exposure and a better engagement rate. But how to create the good of it? You must optimize your profile bio with the necessary hashtags and necessary hashtags to get better and great results. Here are some of the best tricks and tips to optimizing your Instagram profile bio for Instagram’s explore page:

  • On your Instagram profile, select the “Edit profile” option and go to “Bio.”
  • Add some best keywords to describe your brand and business in the first line of your Instagram bio.
  • Add hashtags in the next line to promote your profile > and then click the “submit” option.


Instagram’s special mode, “Create,” will help you create engaging posts and artistic posts if you wish to publish posts without sharing videos and sharing posts. shop automatic Instagram likes and get more likes for your videos or posts. You can also write on various colorful backgrounds in five different fonts. The five different fonts are TypeWriter, Strong, Neon, and Modern. You can also additionally add Stickers and GIFs, and highlight the text and change the font. Here are some tips to enhance your Instagram stories, they are:

  • Tap the icon “camera” in Instagram’s upper left corner.
  • At the bottom of the screen, swipe the text from right to left. You have to swipe until you see the option “Create along with Aa.” It is Instagram’s Type Mode.
  • By using the button at the right bottom, choose the background color.
  • To write your text, tap on the screen. To change the text while you are typing, click on the font name at the screen’s top. 
  • And click Done once you have finished.