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These Are 14 Clever Ideas To Put Instagram Stories To Work For Your Company

It’s easy to be caught up in the endless cycle of consuming by clicking on an innocent-looking snapshot of your friend’s meal. It’s easy to lose track of time on Instagram; in the span of 20 minutes, you could have tapped through 30 different users’ Stories, viewed 5 different commercials, and swiped up to see links to influencers’ closets.

1. Public Service Announcements Priority One

Instagram Stories, with their near-instantaneous nature, are perfect for announcing new goods, employees, or other corporate news.

During such times, it’s a good idea to provide footage from the company’s inner workings that wouldn’t normally be featured on the main page. Your followers will feel informed and connected to you and your brand as they have access to insider information and learn more about you and the company. Using Instagram Stories, you may include a series of photographs to increase interaction with your audience.

2. Second, working together

Brands and influencers may work together effectively using Instagram Stories.

You may form a partnership with a company in your industry whose products or services you believe your followers would like learning more about, or you can work with a client who also happens to be an influential person in your niche. I’ll illustrate with an example…

3. Highlights from the Story No

Highlights are a great way for businesses to showcase their products while also informing site visitors about who they are and what they do. To turn your Instagram profile into a brochure, make Stories with the express intent of being Highlights.

Both of these brands are making excellent use of Instagram’s Highlights feature for promotional purposes. They feature eye-catching covers and a wealth of additional reading material, which keeps readers engaged for longer.

4. Polls

No need to fill out tedious client surveys anymore; all the info you need is at your fingertips.

Instagram Stories polls are a fun way to get your audience involved. You may use them to learn more about your target market, get comments from your customers, or even simply have some light-hearted fun with your target audience.

5. Queries

With the questions sticker, businesses may both solicit questions from their target demographic and pose their own.

This is a fantastic tool for stimulating conversation and fostering loyalty among your clientele. Customers are more likely to stick with a business that shows they value their feedback by being approachable and responsive whenever they have questions.

6. Sixth, a Response Slider

Instagram’s algorithm receives information on the quality of content and the level of user engagement based on these interactions. Using reaction sliders is a great strategy for companies looking to increase their interaction with their audiences.

7. Number Seven on the Countdown

The countdown sticker, a new addition to Instagram Stories, is a fantastic tool for companies to advertise contests, offers, and announcements.

Consumers may set alerts to be reminded of the countdown’s end date, and businesses can use this information to see how many people (and which people specifically) are paying attention to their campaigns.

8. Links

If your company is among the select few, Instagram now allows you to embed links in your Stories.

For obvious reasons (Instagram wants to keep us on their app, and they’re succeeding), the inclusion of clickable links in Instagram Stories is a huge deal. If you click the link, you’ll be sent to Instagram’s built-in browser, where you can pick up right where you left off.

9. Template Stories

Influencers and trendy businesses used Story Templates on Instagram Stories more frequently in 2018, and you may have noticed the trend. These are well-designed prompts that users may fill out and share with their followers, mostly as a kind of introduction.

Brands may benefit greatly from becoming part in this. Consider your intended audience and the activities they enjoy. Finally, have them fill up a story template using your company’s identity. You should fill it out as well, because it’s a fantastic opportunity to tell your followers even more about your firm.

10. The Tenth Best Use for Location Stickers

Instagram is all about connecting with others who have similar interests. Using location tags in all of your Instagram Stories is a certain method to make them more discoverable.

11. Stickers with #Hashtags as Their Eleventh Number

Hashtags on Instagram Stories have the same effect, adding your Story to a bigger Story including all Stories using that hashtag (that was a mouthful).

12. New Article

With the Instagram Algorithm as it now stands, the rate at which your posts are liked and commented on is a significant ranking factor (read more here). As a result, a growing number of Instagrammers are using the Stories feature to draw attention to their most recent post (often by hiding the thumbnail).

Anybody with more than 10,000 followers may share a link to the article with the call to action “Swipe Up To Like,” which will generate more likes and comments more quickly. There are a lot of accounts using this strategy, so if you want to see results on Instagram for your business, you should give it a shot.

13. The Thirteenth-Round of Contests

Tell your audience about the contest and encourage them to enter by posting relevant Stories. Hashtags like “#giveaway,” “#contest,” and “#competition” make your Instagram Story searchable, even to individuals who don’t follow you.

14. Live

Your Live video’s chances of being listed in “Top live” on the Explore page increase with the number of watchers and the number of people who interact with it. That way, you and your team can prepare in advance for the live broadcast!