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The Best 6 Instagram Marketing Companies & Advice On Choosing One

Instagram is an essential component of every digital marketing strategy in the 21st century. Instagram, the image-based social networking site owned by Meta (previously Facebook), has been around since 2010. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know this.

Instagram is a great tool for businesses to increase their online visibility and get insights that can be used in other forms of advertising. You’ll need strategic ideas and expertise to get the most of Instagram for your business, despite the platform’s user-friendliness and intuitiveness.

Consider and assess

The first thing to do when choosing a vendor is to have a meeting with your staff and go through the following.

  • Outcomes
  • Funding Plan
  • Thirdly, Use Your Own Means


It’s important to never lose sight of the “why” of your Instagram marketing agency’s hire. These metrics can help you evaluate the performance of your provider.

  • Some typical Instagram aims include:
  • Raising Product Recognition
  • Rising prospects
  • Making a virtual social network
  • Providing first-rate support to its clients

While it would be fantastic to achieve all of these milestones at once, it is more realistic to focus on one or two at first.

Once you know what you want from your Instagram marketing partner, you can start considering your budgetary constraints.


When negotiating with a supplier, everyone wants the lowest possible rate. The fact is that high-quality work doesn’t come cheap, and you should aim to improve it as much as possible.

While the final price tag on any given project may surprise you, you can prevent going overboard by having a firm grasp on your finances right from the start.

You should include metrics like impressions and cost-per-click in your digital marketing proposal template in addition to agency billing hours. It’s crucial to remember that budgets are only estimates of projected expenditures, so setting a price range will ensure that your search yields as many relevant results as possible.

If you’re not sure where to begin, check out Kicksta’s advice on How Much Instagram Ads Cost.

The Use of Internal Means

Don’t forget about the people you already have on staff while planning your Instagram strategy.

If you already have a graphic designer on staff, for instance, you may not require that service from your Instagram marketing firm. On the other side, it’s crucial to keep lines of communication open with your personnel to avoid overburdening them.

Many groups also delegate tasks to their Instagram marketing agency in order to divide the workload fairly. Having a backup plan in place might come in handy when sudden tasks pop up that need rapid attention and execution.

In the realm of Instagram advertising, a reliable provider that is prepared to adapt its strategies to your budget is invaluable.

Six of the Best Instagram Advertising Companies

There are six top Instagram marketing companies included in Clutch’s directory; if you’re still feeling lost, give them a call. You may narrow down your search for the ideal Instagram service by selecting specific criteria like as price, region, staff size, and language support.

To begin: 1.

Jumpfly, headquartered just outside Chicago, helps businesses save time and money by creating, launching, and managing Instagram marketing campaigns. See how successful their clients have been in the past by reading case studies.


Favoured, headquartered in London, is a performance-based Instagram marketing agency. See whether they suit the bill for your next project by checking out their case studies.

Online Communities 55

Social Media 55 is a full-service digital marketing business located just outside of Montreal that offers individualised strategies to expand your Instagram following. Check out some of their previous work to be sure they’re the proper advertising firm for you.

Firebelly Advertising

Firebelly, located in the centre of Indianapolis, is a leading, highly rated, award-winning social media marketing business. View their works to learn about their most recent endeavours.

Influential Digital Advertising

Power Digital, headquartered in sunny San Diego, California, is an industry-leading performance marketing firm. The agency provides a comprehensive suite of services, with 14 options ranging from Instagram promotion to search engine optimisation. View a selection of their most recent work in their portfolio.

Volume Sixth

Denver-based marketing firm Volume Nine aids businesses in overcoming obstacles including tight budgets, bureaucratic red tape, and intense competition. You can tell if they’ll be a suitable fit for your Instagram demands by looking at their recent successes.

Choose an Instagram marketing firm at random.

If you follow the aforementioned procedures, you should be able to identify the ideal Instagram marketing agency for your needs.

In conclusion, before commencing an internet search, it is important to consider your needs, budget, and available resources.

Instagram’s partner directory, Clutch, and LinkedIn are all good places to look for recommendations, in addition to a quick Google search.

For the best outcomes, create a shortlist, distribute detailed RFPs, and conduct interviews with the remaining contenders. Instagram marketing has limitless potential; grasp the day by partnering with the best firm for your needs.