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Tips you didn’t know about uploading videos to Instagram

The only content medium that can compare to video’s level of entertainment is video itself.

For a long time, Instagram promoted itself only as a place to share photographs. In reality, Instagram didn’t allow videos longer than 15 seconds until the (then) famous six-second video-sharing app Vine went widespread in 2013.

Today more than ever, video is a vital part of the app’s appeal. Video is a fantastic method to update your fans with fresh, evergreen content, whether it’s a live broadcast on Instagram Stories or an hour-long culinary instruction on IGTV. Everything you need to know about posting to Instagram, from sharing YouTube videos and uploading high-quality movies, is laid out here.

Guidelines for Instagram video uploading

No longer do we need to settle with 6- and 15-second samples; nevertheless, this does not always mean that we may all now freely distribute feature-length films. Every Instagram user should be aware of Instagram’s video duration limitations and restrictions.

Can Instagram videos exceed a certain length?

As for how long a video may be on Instagram, that number shifts depending on where you share it. Different length limits apply to Stories, regular posts, and IGTV.

Dissect them with me, shall we?

All Instagram Stories videos must be no longer than 15 seconds. To make a longer video, though, you may string together an endless number of 15-second clips.
There’s a 60-second cap on the length of videos posted on Instagram. But, you may get past this limitation by compiling ten 60-second videos into one 10-minute-long carousel post.
An IGTV movie uploaded from an iPhone can be up to 15 minutes in length. When uploading from a computer, however, that time limit is raised to 60 minutes.

Tips for posting an extended video on Instagram

Keep in mind that Instagram has a strict 1-minute video limit on all postings. But, the app’s carousel function, often known as the multiple photo option, allows you to get around this restriction.

Instagram, alas, does not facilitate this. If you want to utilise Instagram’s carousel function to share a longer video (up to 10 minutes), you’ll need to chop it up into segments first. You’re free to spend up to a minute on each segment.

Have a look at these suggestions for breaking up that lengthy film into manageable chunks.

  • Start up the iPhone’s photo gallery.
  • Seek for the clip you want to utilise and click on it.
  • To make changes, click the pencil icon in the top right corner.
  • To make your first video, use the arrow buttons under the player.
  • The task is complete; press the button.
  • Choose Create New Clip to Save Video.
  • If you need to make more clips, just keep doing what you were doing.

Having collected your video clips, you may now utilise a carousel to compile them into one continuous piece of work. Below is a breakdown of how:

  • Retrieve Instagram from your device.
  • To access your profile, choose the cogwheel in the rightmost corner of the screen.
  • Click the plus sign in the lower central part of the screen.
  • A button labelled “Many Photos” will appear on the right side of the screen, just above your photo library.
  • Pick the shorter videos you created from the lengthier one. Up to ten may be selected.
  • The following prompt will appear; please press Next.
  • You may change the clip colours and apply a filter to them all if you like.
  • Get to the Next Page by pressing the Next button.
  • Please complete the job posting information.
  • To share, just click the button.
  • Keep in mind that if you add all of the photographs and videos you want to a carousel, the total time of the film will be limited to 10 minutes.

Importing a video from YouTube to Instagram

The option to share videos from YouTube on Instagram is one such neat feature. The quickest method to accomplish it is to download the video to your phone and then upload it directly from your camera roll to Instagram.

The official YouTube app doesn’t have the functionality to download videos, so you’ll need to find another app that does. Herein, we will be utilising the no cost software Video Saver.

Here’s how to use Video Saver to save videos from YouTube on your iPhone so you can share them on Instagram:

  • The iPhone’s browser may be used to find the video you wish to share.
  • Take note of the video’s URL.
  • To start saving videos, use the Video Saver programme.
  • Choose “Add Video.”
  • Choose the Web.
  • Insert the YouTube video’s URL.
  • Get the ball rolling by clicking the button.
  • Choose the download option.
  • Choose My Video from the menu that appears.
  • Choose the downloadable video by pressing the corresponding three vertical dots.
  • Click “Save to camera roll.”
  • Retrieve Instagram from your device.
  • Upload the clip to your Instagram Stories, main feed, or IGTV channel as you typically would.

The best way to add music to your Instagram video story

Adding music to your Instagram Stories videos is a simple method to improve the quality of your video material. Furthermore, you’re in luck since it’s a breeze to implement.

A video on Instagram Stories can have music added in the following ways:

  • Retrieve Instagram from your device.
  • To begin recording, select the camera icon located in the upper left corner.
  • To add a video to your Story, you may either record a new one or swipe up to find and pick it.
  • To silence the video, press the volume control at the top of the screen.
  • You may access the sticker menu by clicking the icon at the top of the screen.
  • Choose Some Tune(s).
  • Find the tune you want to add by scrolling or doing a search.
  • To hear a certain video clip, simply change the song’s tempo.
  • By simply touching and dragging the music icon on your Story, you may reposition it to wherever you wish.
  • Then, click the Done button.
  • You may reposition the music button wherever you like on the website.
  • Get to the Next Page by pressing the Next button.
  • Choose the Share option to include it in your Narrative.