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In 2023, When is Instagram Most Active?

Creating material that is both interesting and useful is essential if you want to have a sizable Instagram following. Yet, if your material isn’t posted at optimal times, neither your followers nor their friends will see it or interact with it.

If you want your Instagram posts to be seen by the most people, when should you put them out there? Is there a certain day each week that tends to yield the highest engagement (read: likes, comments, and shares)?

Have no fear; this won’t need much in the way of deep thought on your part. Read on to learn when it’s best to post on Instagram in general, and when it’s best to post on your business account specifically, so that you can reach your audience while they’re using Instagram.

Is there a recommended time of day to publish an Instagram?

When is the optimal time to publish on Instagram? is just like inquiring how much Insta advertisements cost. Before giving a reasonable response, there are several things to think about. In any case, there is no absolute certainty about the solution.

When is the ideal time to make an Instagram post?

  • Time of week
  • Duration of the year’s month
  • The effects of the seasons
  • Audience members’ motivations
  • What you hope to accomplish with your blog entries
  • We’re talking about the type of posting (Reels, IGTV, feed post, Live videos, or story)
  • Your company’s field of specialisation
  • The Instagram algorithm’s signalling mechanisms (ugh… I’d rather not go there).

Each and every one of your brand’s consumers is an individual, with their own individual likes, dislikes, and social media habits. Your “golden” Instagram posting time may not be optimal for another company.

Yet, there are some guidelines you may follow to increase the number of people who see your material.

These are some of them:

Share content when you know the majority of your audience will be able to read it. This should be obvious to everyone. What good is posting at odd hours if your audience is sleeping?

Regular updates are encouraged. When I say “frequently,” I don’t mean every hour on the hour. But, Instagram’s formula gives more weight to more recent posts. So, in the absence of other information, a more recent post will be prioritised in an Instagram feed. Growing your Instagram following with recency is quick and simple. Nonetheless, if you’re interested, there are also numerous guides on how to acquire free Instagram likes.

Be aware of what you wish to accomplish. To what end are you using Instagram as a promotional tool? What exactly is it that you want to accomplish, if anything at all? Find out when your postings were last successful by your standards. Success in the past might help you determine the optimal time to publish on Instagram.

When should you, on average, make your Instagram posts?

Hootsuite looked at over 30,000 corporate Instagram posts and found some interesting trends. Also, they analysed the results of their own social team’s efforts with content distribution to 200k followers to determine that 11 am on Wednesdays is the optimal time to publish on Instagram.
Research showed that Instagram users were most active towards the middle of the day on weekdays. It makes perfect sense to use Instagram as a way to relax and unwind during downtime from work or class.

In contrast, participation tends to be minimal on weekends. Reason being, people would rather be out and about engaging in real life on the weekend than sitting around mindlessly scrolling through their feeds on social media.


On Mondays, 12 PM is the sweet spot for Instagram updates. Almost all of your fans are probably taking a break from work and eating lunch right now, making it an ideal opportunity for them to check in on Instagram. People on social media are primarily interested in hearing what their friends, favourite influencers, and favourite companies have been up to, so cater your posts to this audience by making them quick and simple to read and share.


Posting to Instagram at 9:00 AM on a Tuesday is ideal. On Tuesdays, the best time to publish is in the early morning, specifically between 8 and 10 AM.


On Wednesdays at 11 a.m. is the sweet spot for Instagram posts. It’s also the day when people are most likely to interact with your content, therefore it’s a good idea to time major announcements like new products, sales, brand extensions, etc., for that day.


On Thursdays at 12 PM is the sweet spot for Instagram posts. The best time to publish Instagram Stories featuring interaction magnets like quizzes, polls, and questions is between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Thursdays.


On Fridays around two o’clock in the afternoon is the sweet spot for Instagram updates. Nonetheless, participation remains constant from seven in the morning until two in the afternoon. This prolonged window is ideal for sharing media with a longer running period, such as videos uploaded to IGTV or live broadcasts broadcast on Instagram.


On Saturdays, the optimal time to upload an Instagram photo or video is at nine in the morning. Typical weekend disengagement occurs before 9:00 AM, before most individuals have begun their weekend activities in the real world.


Participation is significantly lower on Sundays than on any other day of the week, including Saturday. Nevertheless, if you publish between noon and eight o’clock in the evening, you’re more likely to get a response. The most people attend between 7 and 8 o’clock.

Try publishing material around the hours we indicated above if you’re just getting started on Instagram or don’t have a set posting schedule yet, to determine if it works for you.

A/B testing can help you determine the optimal time to publish on Instagram based on the habits of your target audience.