How To Increase Twitter Likes – Ideas that Actually Work

Most people on twitter work out of their way to get more likes for their posts.The article comes up with some actionable ideas to increase Twitter likes at a much faster rate which are explained below:

Perfect Your Profile And Bio

The first thing to focus is your bio because it makes up for the visibility of your profile in search engines. Include clear information about yourself and your business, express your brand personality, include target keywords, and include call to actions. Most of these tips when followed can bring more followers to your profile.

Pin the best tweets

Along with your bio, pin few of your best tweets which people can see the moment when they come to check your profile. When they find these best tweets they immediately start following you and give likes for your profile page and content. Assuming you have a brand new account on twitter, you can buy Twitter likes immediately after posting content as an initial boost to make your account popular.

Promote in Other Social Channels

Post a link of your Twitter handle in other social media profiles to get more Twitter followers. 

There is nothing wrong in asking them to start following you on Twitter indirectly by giving them offers, conducting polls, launching product teasers etc. 

Use your website 

It is a clever idea to make your website visitors discover content n your Twitter page from the website itself without exiting or leaving your website. Promoting your twitter feeds through embedding tweets in blog posts, including your email signature with your Twitter handle are all best means to increaseTwitter likes for your content.

Add Twitter Buttons

You can easily promote your twitter account by adding the Twitter button in your blog or website and gain more new followers. Buttons that allow people to follow you with a single click are also easy to create. Sharing content with other users, mentioning your twitter handle in your posts can potentially increase followers to your account

Include right hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags to your content can increase the number of relevant audiences and get you double the engagement rate. Checking out for brand hashtags before including them to your post to avoid confusion. 

Join with Influencers

People are more likely to respond to influencers because they help improve brand trust. By Collaborating with a relevant influencer, you could ask them to promote your products and brand. Doing so can help you be noticed by a good number of dedicated Twitter followers.

With more businesses using social media for brand promotion, Twitter is used by a majority of people. Along with valuable content in your Twitter posts, following more relevant users can definitely increase the number of likes for Twitter posts.