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The Complete Guide To Instagram Stories

Over 500 million people share stories on Instagram every day, and 86% of Instagram users post stories every day, making it one of the most widely used forms of social media content. This offers marketers a fantastic chance to connect with a large and enthusiastic audience. The difficulty is how to keep track of what’s happening in these stories and make sure that your business is being represented truthfully given the possibilities that this presents.

The solution is Storyclash. You may examine Instagram stories from any time period, not only within 24 hours, thanks to Storyclash, one of the only systems to offer monitoring and tracking in Instagram stories. This makes it simple to monitor brand mentions—both your own and those of your rivals—measure effectiveness, and assess the suitability of the influencers you work with.

You can learn everything you need to know about tracking Instagram Stories in this article, including how Storyclash can be useful.

Why keep tabs on Instagram Stories?

One of the most well-liked forms of content is storytelling. 80% of all Instagram material is published on Stories, compared to only 20% being published as feed posts, according to our analysis of the data. The statistics for Instagram Stories are significantly higher in some fields and niches (consider fashion bloggers, for instance).

For social media teams, even ones with large budgets and a respectable set of social media monitoring tools, stories are frequently a vast, unknown black box because they expire in 24 hours.

The brilliance of Instagram Stories tracking

Social media managers still have to identify and track Stories manually even though social listening—the practise of keeping an eye on brand mentions on social media—became the norm for many.

This might be feasible for a small group of accounts, but it becomes impossible for a bigger group. In order to help teams track brand mentions, rivals, and influencers on Instagram Stories, Storyclash launched Instagram Stories monitoring.

Keep track of Instagram Stories mentions of your brand

While social listening is well-known and frequently practised in the social media industry, keeping track of brand mentions on Instagram Stories has proven to be very difficult. You can keep an eye on your company’s Instagram Stories activity using Storyclash, which is supported by OCR (optical character recognition) technology.

Assume you are an Adidas social media manager who wants to monitor brand mentions on Instagram Stories. You can find Instagram Stories that mention Adidas or even contain a photo of a football player wearing an Adidas jersey by performing a fast “adidas” keyword search.

Find and follow Instagram Stories influencers

You probably already have a list of influencers you collaborate with. Additionally, you routinely conduct research on emerging content creators and possible influencers who could benefit your business. You couldn’t truly keep track of such influencers in an easy way until recently unless you actively tracked them on Instagram and collected screenshots of their Stories.

You can keep tabs on the Instagram Stories activity of the influencers you already deal with or those you want to collaborate with using Storyclash. How? Read on.

Assume for the moment that we wish to check out the top German automotive bloggers and see what they posted the previous weekend. We finish off by choosing the category of Car Bloggers and setting the time range to the previous weekend in the Storyclash Sites module.

We can quickly determine which influencer published how many Instagram Posts and Instagram Stories by taking a quick glance.

Examine the Instagram tactics of your rivals

OK. Let’s be real here. As social media managers, we frequently monitor what other businesses in our sector and competitors are doing. We investigate data points and examine their social media posting patterns to understand more about their social media marketing.

You may learn more about their Instagram approach by using Storyclash’s Instagram tracking, especially the recently added Stories monitoring.

Here is how it goes.

  • Get the “Top Sites” module open.
  • Open up your previously saved list of options if you already have a list of competitors and other businesses you’d like to keep an eye on.
  • Choose Instagram analytics, then click “apply.”

In addition to currently existing KPIs like Instagram Posts, the number of fans, or overall Instagram interactions, as shown in the screenshot below, you can also examine the number of Instagram Stories.

How to discover Instagram Stories content trends

Last but not least, you undoubtedly want to find out more about the content types, formats, and Instagram Stories trends. You may discover Stories and content before anybody else with the new Instagram Stories monitoring feature.

Let’s look more closely.

  • Enter your Storyclash account and click the “Trending Posts” option.
  • As the chosen platform, pick Instagram Stories.
  • Select a region, era, or category (such as fashion).
  • In this instance, Storyclash will display all fashion bloggers’ published Instagram Stories between mid- and end-July.

Make visible what is hidden

This is only the start. We strongly advise trying Instagram Stories monitoring if Instagram Stories is still somewhat of a mystery to your company, if you want to avoid the difficult and time-consuming process of Stories reporting, or if you simply want to check what other people are doing in your sector.

Find out more about monitoring Instagram Stories or schedule a demo to see Storyclash in action. We have experts in influencer marketing who are happy to assist you.