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Methods for Researching Instagram Rivals

It’s impossible to know how much information you’ll get about your business, specialty, and rivals once you launch the Instagram account for your brand.

In the marketing industry, where everyone seems to be more successful than you, keeping up with the hectic pace might leave you feeling insignificant and disheartened.

First of all, what is a competitive analysis on Instagram?

To do a competitive study on Instagram, you need to create an assessment in which you compare your brand’s productivity with that of rivals’, taking into account a wide range of aspects such as content type, metric values, and most recent campaigns.

By amassing and analysing a wealth of information about the competition, you can better determine how to propel the expansion of your own brand.

This analysis will help you determine what sets your product or service apart from the competition and what cards you need to play to win over your target audience.

You can stay ahead of the competition and learn their habits by studying their Instagram profiles and keeping tabs on them on a regular basis.

What are the benefits of studying your Instagram rivals, and why is this activity so crucial?

To assess the level of economic danger posed by your Instagram rivals, you need to know who they are.

Establishing who your competitors are on Instagram (or any other social media site) is the first step in developing a killer competitive analysis.

Here are the seven most compelling arguments for analysing the competition on Instagram.

In the long and near term, your brand will benefit much from doing a competitive study of Instagram.

You may learn a lot about the best market positioning for your products or services by keeping tabs on the competitors on Instagram.

Being seen (without being eaten) in a sea full of sharks might seem like swimming through social media. Any fresh viewpoint you might gain will help you better adjust to the current environment.

Here are seven benefits of doing an Instagram competitive study on social media.

Hone your focus

Data analysis gives you a new perspective on the world, which can only increase your sense of agency.

This breakdown will shed light on the situation. You’ll gain insight into your target demographic and your competitors’ strategies, seeing what kinds of material they find most interesting and which blunders are most frequently made.

Instagram Metrics You Should Use for Market Research
If you want your competitive study of Instagram to be accurate, you need to pick the right Instagram metrics to look at.

A brand’s social proof is equivalent to its amount of followers. In order to stand out in the mind of the potential consumer, social evidence is crucial.

Quantity of postings is also significant. You may examine the frequency with which your competitors update and adjust your own publication schedule accordingly.

The number of likes a post receives is a good indicator of its quality. They make you feel good about yourself and encourage you to keep doing what worked before.

The comments section of Instagram is where users may respond to one other’s posts. You can tell if a post is helpful, encouraging, inspirational, or objectionable by reading the responses to it. The ability to leave comments is another indicator of user interest.

Instagram engagement rate per post and Instagram engagement rate per page are subsets of this measure.

Tools for analysing the competition


You may create benchmarks to examine everything about your rivals and campaigns on Socialinsider, allowing you to compare the success of different companies.


Brand24 is mostly a social listening platform, however it does support competitor-related additions. You may monitor what people are saying about you and your rivals online using this tool.


You may spy on your rivals’ social activity with Social Status. The finest feature is that you can include data from the past to see what your rivals have been up to.


Brandwatch is a social media marketing platform that provides insights into the top posts made by competitors and allows them to be compared to the market.

In addition to social monitoring and profile analytics, also does sentiment analysis to better understand the competition.

In conclusion

These discoveries about Instagram competition analysis could help shed some light on the murky waters of digital advertising.

Keeping an eye on the competition may teach you a lot, both in terms of what you should and should not do. The knowledge you obtain may be applied to the development of your own content strategy for the purpose of drawing in more customers.

This comprehensive Instagram competition analysis guide could be useful. I’m here to clear up any confusion or answer any queries you may have.