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How To Boost Your Discoverability On Instagram?

Do you seek greater Instagram popularity?

Have you researched how competing companies are utilising Instagram to expand their reach?

You can boost your Instagram popularity with the correct images and strategies.

This article will show you five techniques to increase your Instagram following.

What Exactly Is All the Hype About Instagram?

The fact that Instagram attracts more interaction than either Facebook or Twitter is a major thing.

According to a study conducted by Forrester, which compared 2,500 brand posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the level of interaction with Instagram posts was 58 times higher per follower than with Facebook and 120 times higher than with Twitter.

The power of pictures is undeniable. In the following, I’ll describe five strategies you may employ on Instagram to make the most of this trend and attract more customers to your brand.

One of the best ways to boost interest in your Instagram brand is to feature user-created content. Users who have been featured in your stream are sure to brag to their friends about the experience—and about you.

GoPro is an adventure-oriented company, and their Instagram feed features some of the most impressive user-created videos in the world. GoPro users are proud to display their cameras in action, whether they’re surfing, rock climbing, diving, or off-roading.
Photos like these are wonderful for GoPro because they demonstrate the brand’s vitality and encourage others to capture and share their own adventures with a GoPro camera.

Don’t let your online persona get diluted

Maintaining a steady presence is essential across all of your social media channels. It’s important to maintain a consistent online identity across all platforms, including a consistent logo, voice, and tone.

It’s not too difficult to do so on text-based social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but how would you go about doing so on Instagram, which is mostly a visual one?

If you want to maximise your visibility on Instagram, you should use your logo as your profile photo and your whole business name as your username.

Make the Most of Hashtags to Expand Your Audience

Hashtags are ubiquitous on social media, and a quick glance at any Instagram feed will show you that they’re just as popular there.

Hashtags on Instagram serve the same promotional, mention tracking, and community building functions that they do elsewhere.
Bring any brand-specific hashtags you’re already using elsewhere (like Twitter) to Instagram and urge your fans to do the same when they share photos of themselves with your product.

Using trending hashtags is a great way to increase your exposure on social media. You should use the ones that apply most to your company and products.

Exhibit Your Skills

What is it that your company does above and beyond the competition? What kind of photograph would do justice to such skill? Your audience is more important than how marketable or eye-catching the image is.

Meghan Ploughman, a photographer and stylist, is familiar with the tastes and preferences of her neighbourhood. Her spotless photographs of food, clothing, and interiors are a visual treat for those who appreciate artfully staged lifestyle photography.

The photos Meghan posts aren’t meant to promote her, but by showcasing her skills, she’s built a strong personal brand as a stylist.

Integrate All of Your Social Media

Instagram may not be the ideal primary marketing platform, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. It’s useful in some situations, sure, but what if your real success lies on another social media site?

You won’t simply abandon what’s producing positive results in favour of anything else. However, your marketing efforts can be unified across many social media sites.

You may drive more people to your Instagram profile by promoting it on your other social media platforms. Your Instagram followers could also be directed to your other profiles.

Bondi Harvest is an Australian group that airs a weekly culinary show showcasing Australian ingredients. YouTube is their primary social platform, but they’ve also found success with Instagram.

Put Instagram to Good Use

Instagram has a lot of promise for businesses because its users are more engaged than those on other social media platforms.

It’s simple to make your own high-quality graphic material and put it to use in expanding your network.

Build a more personal connection with your audience and strengthen your Instagram presence by encouraging user-generated content, utilising hashtags for both listening and reaching, showcasing your skills, and connecting your other social media accounts.