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The details of our top-rated courses in social media advertising are provided below.

The top social media marketing classes and seminars available online from eDigital. Schedule your social media training to take place in the comfort of your own home in Australia, or have it brought to you in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, or Perth.


Please read this introduction to our social media marketing course. Here’s the reality, and I know you don’t want to hear it.
Because the very nature of social media as a business makes it geared towards making as much money off of you as possible through advertising.

Social media sites first allow you to create a large fan following and provide above-average organic reach, but then alter their algorithm to force you to pay for advertisements to achieve the same level of exposure as before.

Many of my customers have come to me after going through this same experience.


Mau was fantastic. Extensive coverage of the topic and excellent application of applicable cases. It’s great that Mau encourages students to share their own experiences in class, since this opens the floor for discussion of novel concepts and highlights the achievements of people working in a variety of fields. Some of his digital marketing courses are ones I intend to revisit. Matthew

What You Need to Know About MAU, Our Chief Social Media Trainer

Our Senior Social Media Marketing Trainer, Mau, has more than 16 years of experience working with major Australian businesses including News Limited,, the New South Wales government, The Athlete’s Foot, Thrifty Car Rental, GHD, and others on social media. Mau has educated hundreds of Australian and international business owners (see top clients), marketing managers, and social media professionals, as well as community managers.


The marketing teams that benefit most from eDigital’s Social Media Audits are those on the lookout for more efficient and cost-effective strategies for expanding their client base and reducing their reliance on bought social media traffic.

eDigital’s comprehensive Social Media Audit report can help you find untapped potential for expanding your brand’s audience and strengthening consumer loyalty.

Our social media marketing audits will also provide you with examples of the best practises that competing companies in your industry/vertical are using to attract new clients.


By participating in online communities, businesses may gain the confidence of potential buyers, business associates, and workers. This is especially true if others are vouching for your company or recommending your goods and services to others.

The field of social media marketing is one that needs ongoing education and training. Content creation (copywriting, photography, video production), connection development, time management, organisation, understanding of digital marketing strategy, customer service, and analytics are all abilities that rank well.

If you’re looking to spend less on advertising and bring in more new customers, read on. You may construct a marketing machine using channels and assets you control outright with the aid of eDigital’s training in marketing strategy. The training will provide inspiration for your team, leading to novel strategies for opening up fresh channels of conversion and efficiently increasing CLV.You may reduce your client acquisition costs and reliance on paid media with the help of one of the most sought-after marketing experts, Mau. Thousands of marketers have made use of the Digital Marketing Plan and Social Media Plan templates developed by Mau.