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Arguments In Favour Of B2B Social Marketing

If you have been on the fence about anything, now is the moment to take action. There is no need to be anxious about social media because there are so many reasons to embrace it.

No business, large or small, can afford to disregard social media as a marketing c hannel. By building an army of devoted brand advocates, social media marketing has shown to be incredibly effective at turning prospects into buyers.

When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) sales, social media marketing is a must-have. B2B companies are just now learning to embrace social media and see how it can contribute to their bottom line. Brands that miss this opportunity will see their rivals gain ground.

Google search results prominently feature Google Plus material, and authorship photos are displayed for logged-in users who also have the writers in their circles. Twitter chats are being used as a means of conducting B2B conversations, generating leads, and publicising one’s own news, announcements, and publications. New employees, new products, and job openings may all be promoted on a company’s LinkedIn profile.

A B2B Social Life: Why You Need One

The Information Found On Social Media Platforms Is Priceless. Social campaigns can be started and assessed instantly with the correct tools, and information from buyers’ social profiles may help you personalise your approach and forge real relationships. This is why 68% of B2B marketers, according to a 2012 report by Social Media Examiner, utilise social media to gather market intelligence (PDF).

Your rivals are engaging in similar activities. Today’s consumers evaluate companies in part by how active they are on social media. According to the same survey by Social Media Examiner, 83% of B2B marketers take advantage of social media to raise brand awareness. Check up your rivals’ profiles on Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook if you need more convincing. Everything from product demonstrations and press releases to team images and blogs from top executives will be available to you.

Your Customers Are Present. If your average customer is a CEO, you might think they don’t have time to check Facebook or Twitter. In reality, many modern executives and decision-makers use social media for all three of these purposes. Blogs help B2B marketers produce 67% more leads, and Twitter helps them generate 200% more prospects, as reported by InsideView. Businesses may frequently provide more insight into the people behind the offerings because to the interactivity and authenticity of social media. In the end, it all boils down to individuals conducting business with other people, and wealthy people tend to be out and about in their communities.

Keeping Yourself Current Is Crucial. Companies that don’t have an active social media presence can off as antiquated. Your customers want you to be present across all of the many social, mobile, and digital platforms they frequent. Your brand’s image and voice must be uniform across all mediums and devices.

Obviously, You Want to Stand Out. Every user has access to any and all content posted on social media, including videos, blog posts, images, instructional advice, and chats. Companies who only have boring websites and no social media aren’t doing themselves justice. Social media is your chance to make your brand memorable by providing material that sticks in the minds of leads before they get in touch with your sales staff, as stated by Forrester Research.

You need to establish your credibility. You could think that social media is too casual to build trust between B2B companies and customers. It’s the ideal medium for that purpose. Building relationships with potential consumers and addressing their product queries may be facilitated through webinars, demonstrations, “behind the scenes” films, and frank blog articles. A 2013 survey by Forrester found that 74% of corporate decision-makers in North America and Europe use LinkedIn for professional or personal reasons. Make sure your social media profiles are set up to facilitate instantaneous buyer action by including direct contact information for your sales and support staff.